Why we choose down.

We use down because it's recognized as the world's best natural insulator, providing approximately three times the warmth per ounce as synthetic insulators. Each ounce of down has approximately two million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to create insulating pockets of air, which is what keeps you warm.

We purchase all of our down from Feather Industries Canada Ltd., a Canadian down-procurement company and it is hypoallergenic, laboratory-tested and exceeds all Canadian and International Cleanliness Standards. Each of our down blends contains some Hutterite down, which is among the most premium and warmest Canadian down available, enabling us to manufacture lighter jackets without sacrificing warmth.

Canada Goose was a founding member of the Down Association of Canada and has been an active participant for the 30 years since.


Why we choose fur.

No matter where they're worn, many of our products are designed and built to protect against the elements in the coldest places on Earth – places where exposed skin can freeze in an instant. In these environments, we believe that fur is the best choice. Having fur trim around a jacket hood disrupts airflow and creates turbulent air which helps protect the face from frostbite.

We only use the best quality fur from the Northwest regions of Canada and the United States, where coyote populations are confirmed to be highly abundant. In fact, in many regions of North America, coyotes are considered a pest as they attack livestock, endangered prey species, pets and sometimes even people. We know that wearing fur is a personal choice and we respect that. In turn, we hope that people will respect our responsible use and ethical sourcing of fur.


Canada Goose is committed to tracking the source of all our wool and shearling from origin to the factory. Through our traceability programs, we can source the wool and shearling back to origin, assuring it came from farms that value animal welfare and do not practice mulesing.